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Little Bee Pet Water Dispenser

Little Bee Pet Water Dispenser

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1. 2L Large Capacity, no frequent refilling of water required. A larger water capacity saves your time to refill water. 
2. Powerful Filtering Function, makes the water fresher and cleaner, completely removing hair, sediment and debris. 
3. Auto Shut-off & Practical LED Lighting. Our cat water fountain automatically cuts off power when the water runs dry, blue LED light will blink to remind you to add water so you do not need to worry about equipment damage when you are out and prolong pump life. 
4. Ultra-Quiet & Low Consumption Pump. Ultra quiet pump with low energy consumption, it will not make any noise and will never disturb the sleep of you or your pet. 

Material: ABS+PC 
Color: Yellow 
Size: 230*161*128mm 
Capacity: 2L 
Package: 1*Water Fountain 
1*AC Pump 
1*User Manual 
1*USB cable 

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