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Pet Adjustable Electric Heating Pad

Pet Adjustable Electric Heating Pad

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1. Adjustable Temperature Control: High or low temperature control and OFF 
2. Safety and Resistance: Anti-bite tube, overheating safety protection, our pets can't chew it easily 
3. Waterproof PU : Surface waterproof PU cloth, thermal fuse 

Material: Polyester
Color: Grey
Size: S: 45*45cm/17.72*17.72in
L: 50*70cm/19.69*27.56in
Voltage: 110V
Power: High level-55W, Low level-28W
Gear: high, low and off
Temperature: High level: 50℃ heating zone (for heating when the electric blanket is just turned on)
Low level: 30℃ sleep comfort (suitable for all night)

1. Do not fold when powering on
2. Please do not scratch the surface of the heating pad with a sharp object
3. The surface material is waterproof material, which cannot be removed and washed, and it can not be washed in water


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