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Octopus Design Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Octopus Design Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

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1. Octopus design. This plush dog toys are about 13 inch with a cute cartoon octopus design which is made of premium upgraded soft and durable pineapple cotton.It has a textured top fabric and the polka dots are soft and smooth.The inside of the 6 extra-long tentacles is super soft and cute.What's more,with the legs it makes a great tug a war toy.Definitely a large dog toys that keeps them occupied for quite some time. 
2. Funny squeaky. Want to keep your dog persistent enthusiasm?This plush dog toys with bright and bold colors has a squeaker in the head.The squeaker makes dogs go wild when he plays with octopus stuffed dog toys.The crunchy noise keeps the dog's attention, while the tentacles become a tug-of-war toy for both large dog and the puppy.The stuffed dog toys are soft and great for tug and fetch. It's worth accompanying your dog for a fun time with the large dogs toys. 
3. Durable. It's a typical stuffed dog toys are made of well made pineapple cotton which thicker fabric and stronger stiching than any plush dog toys.Dog toys for large dogs are suitable for tossing, chewing, grabbing and pulling toys for Chihuahuas, Corgis, Pomeranians and Poodles etc.Dogs' enjoyment is priceless and gets as much enjoyment out of this toy - day in and day out. 
4. Soft Plush. The octopus plush dog toy with bright color is an adorable character that will attract your dog's interest and keep them entertained.The dog chew toys has realistic eyses,throwing Octopus Dog Toys up in the air and enjoys shaking all the tentacles is one of the most interesting things.This durable soft dog chew toy can clean the dog's mouth and reduce plaque and tartar.The puppy toys are washable and reusable came out looking the same. 

Material: Plush 
Color: Green, purple 
Size: 32*8.5cm / 12.6*3.3in  

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