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Interactive Snail Shaped Dog Slow Feeder Toy

Interactive Snail Shaped Dog Slow Feeder Toy

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1. The main fabric of the snail sniffing toy is flannel, which is soft and does not hurt the skin, and supports machine washing. 
2. The snail contains a sound generator to train the puppies to vocalize and increase the fun of playing. The snail body is filled with doll cotton, which is soft and textured. 
3. The double-layer fabric on the back and multiple pockets can hide food for slow-food training. 
4. Various ways to play! Flat and easy to enjoy, roll and stand play method increases the difficulty. Puzzle training allows dogs to open by sniffing themselves. 
5. The dogs can obtain food through their motor senses and brain processing information while playing with sniffing toys, so that they can gain a sense of accomplishment and no longer be afraid of being alone. 

Material: Plush + PP cotton 
Color: Green+brown 
Size: 65*7.5cm / 25.6*3in 

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