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Foldable Cat Tunnel With Ball

Foldable Cat Tunnel With Ball

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1. Made of ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester wrapped around a high strength memory steel skeleton with protective ends (for safety), this not only keep it intact from scratching but holds strong while your pets are playing. 
2. Cats can see rainbow appearance and spacious tunnel, built-in crinkle crackle paper, and soft ball toy,also have two peek hole, this popular tube gives your kitty more ways to have fun. It provides hours of exercise and self-amusement. 
3. With a provided elastic band, our tunnels folds down small in seconds for easy travel and storage, so this kitty tunnel can play freely indoors and outdoors. 

Material: Polyester 
Color: Colorful 
Size: Three Ways Tunnel: 80*25*30cm / 31.5*9.84*11.81in 
Short Straight Tunnel: 50*25cm / 19.69*9.84in 
S-Shaped Tunnel: 123*25cm / 48.43*9.84in 
Long Straight Tunnel: 115*25cm / 45.28*9.84in 

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