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Floppy Fish Friend Cat Interactive Toy

Floppy Fish Friend Cat Interactive Toy

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Floppy Fish Friend Cat Interactive Toy

„ÄźTouch induction interaction cat toy,intelligent standby„ÄĎ:¬†Floppy Fish Friend Cat Toy with automatic induction movement.¬†Turn on power switch,¬†when cat touches this cat toy,¬†it¬†will swing backand forth.¬†If don't touch or turn off the catfish toy,¬†pet toy will automatically stand by.


„ÄźCat Toys Interactive for Indoor Cats„ÄĎ:¬†Fabric printed with 3D printing technology has a sensitive touch,¬†and the cats to touch will make the flopping fish swing like a real fish.¬†Quiet fish won't scare your cat.¬†Dancing fish cat toy can attractcats in the first time,stimulate the cat's hunting instinct,¬†bite and kick the cat fish toy as seen on tv,¬†and bring more fun to cats.


„ÄźUpgraded zipper design,bite-resistant cat toy,cat protection„ÄĎ:¬†Floppy fish uses high-quality plush cloth,¬†filled with pp Vinylon,soft material, will not harm the cat ‚Äôs claws and teeth,¬†is very suitable for chewing and kicking foot.¬†Upgraded zipper design,¬†more durable toys for cats.¬†When you are at home,¬†cat toy interactive fish can better play with cats and strengthen your bond with your cat.


„ÄźReusable rechargeable,washable floppy fish pet toy„ÄĎ:¬†An¬†upgraded version of the old battery compartment of interactive cat toy.¬†USB rechargeable movement eliminates the cost and trouble of replacing the battery.¬†Send a¬†charging cable with the product packaging.¬†Removable design of the movement makes it easier to clean the flopping fish cat toy.


Material: Rubber

Battery capacity: 350mAh

Full charge need 40 minutes,and it can keeping work 20 minutes.

 Cat Toy Floppy Fish Cat Toy Floppy Fish Cat Toy Floppy Fish Cat Toy Floppy Fish Cat Toy Floppy Fish



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