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Dog Cat Grooming Helper Hammock

Dog Cat Grooming Helper Hammock

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1. Breathable cloth, comfortable for pets, does not hurt the skin. 
2. Hang it on the pet, revealing the four corners and the head, which is convenient to mount the pet. 
3. The contact area of the cloth is large, the pet is large when hanging the pet, and it does not hurt. 
4. The limbs are unrestrained, the pet is quiet and not easy, and it is easier and more relaxed. 

Material: Polyester 
Color: Black-red, blue, red, pink, green, black 
Size: As picture below 
XS, suitable for 2-6kg / 4.4-13.2lb 
S, suitable for 6-10kg / 13.3-22.0lb 
M, suitable for 10-20kg / 22.1-44.1lb 
L, suitable for 20-30kg / 44.2-66.1lb 

New Dog Cat Grooming Helper HammockNew Dog Cat Grooming Helper Hammock

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