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Safe LED Laser Pointer Pet Toy

Safe LED Laser Pointer Pet Toy

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1. Easy to operate. This product can switch the pattern through the rotary switch. Through different patterns, stimulate the cat's interest 
2. 3 modes. The product has a button switch. Press once for purple light, press twice to project red/green light, and press three times to project red/green light flashing 
3. Multipurpose. The red/green light of the product can be used to tease cats, the purple light can be used to test cat urine etc, 
4. USB Rechargeable. This product has a built-in battery, and can be charged by USB, which is more convenient to use 
5. Portable. The size of this product is 12.7* 2.55cm/5.0 *1.0 inch,compact and lightweight, and not occupying much space. With a portable lanyard easy to carry 

Material: ABS 
Color: White+pink 
Size: 12.7* 2.55cm/5.0 *1.0 inch 
Light color: UV Violet Light, red light/green light, purple light 
Battery capacity: 60mA (built-in) 
Charging time: 1 hour 
Use time: 3 hours 
Powered by: USB 

Package Included: 
1*LED Pet Toy
1*USB Cable

Safe LED Laser Pointer Cat Toy

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