Working from Home with Pets

Working from Home with Pets

Do people still need to work from home in 2022? Although the COVID-19 situation has improved in 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic may not end until 2022.¹ So it is very likely that you will need to work from home for a while.

Working from home with pets can be fun, but also a challenge. Pets are natural stress relievers and can provide excellent mental help when you are in trouble at work. pets are also natural curious people who want to understand and participate in your work together. How to concentrate on working from home with pets? The secret is to concentrate on playing with pets while resting. If you can play with your pet several times a day and give some companionship, then working from home with your pet will be a real happiness.

Cats and dogs are very curious, try to imagine from their perspective, we work at home one day: "Why does his hand keep hitting that piece of object?" "What is he doing looking at that shiny thing?" "Why doesn't he play with me and chat with a board?"

When working, of course we have to focus on it, but pets do not understand the meaning of work, and will naively invite you to play with it. If your cat shuts down your computer while you are editing an important document, and your dog yells when you have a meeting, it would be pretty bad. The key is to anticipate the needs of pets in advance, rather than responding to them on the spot.


Make playtime more challenging

If you let your pet participate in a challenging game during a break, it won't bother you when you concentrate on work. For cats, you can use feather wand and treat to attract them to run, chase, and jump. After spending energy, it will be alone or sleep to restore energy. Play with it once or twice until it is exhausted.

For dogs, you can try to use a rubber ball for some chasing games, or use a rubber ring for tug-of-war and power activities. Or take it for a run in your backyard. You can also buy a bubble machine to blow bubbles around to attract its attention and release its depressive energy.

This is also a good time to train your dog and cat! Teach them some new skills. If they want, you can ask them to train through obstacles.


Interactive toys are helpful

Pets will be very happy when you are at home, they just want to bathe us with love, but sometimes it is not appropriate to insist on interacting with us. Using some suitable interactive toys can help them divert attention when you need to have a meeting or catch up with work.

For cats, it may be an interactive cat-stick toy, or an automatic laser toy. They will run and jump with the toy or laser, just like hunting prey, which is very interesting.

Dogs may like interactive feeders. Interactive feeders filled with peanut butter or snacks can make dogs enjoy themselves so much while eating. Different levels of interactive feeding toys also train dogs indirectly. 


Give pets some space

Pets can feel safe if they have more space for themselves, especially if they spend more time in the cage. High places can make cats feel safer, so a cat tree would be a good choice. Cats also like closed environments, and a compact cat bed can also bring peace to cats.

Cats like warm places, so you will notice that cats like to hang out at your desk. There is no warmer place at home than a computer. To make cats feel fit and warm, try using pet heating pads. Put your heating pad on the desk, and then put your computer on the crowded area of the desk, the cat will sit on the heating pad. Gradually move the heating pad to where you want it to sleep, and you will also get a fur-free, quiet and focused desk.

For dogs, you can create a space belonging to it in the room, a comfortable dog bed, toys and water bowl.


Keep a regular schedule

Working from home means you may sleep more than usual. But the more your schedule changes, the more anxious your pet will feel. Please try to keep playing and feeding at the same time. Automatic feeders can help with this. A consistent schedule will make everything better, and you can spend a good time with your pet after work.


It is a gift to be accompanied by pets when you work from home. Let’s fully enjoy your good time together.


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