Common Dog Training Questions

Common Dog Training Questions

1. My dog is only obedient at home

For dogs, the biggest challenge is the changing location and external disturbances. When the dog is in a new environment, the training is likely to be restarted, even the basic "sit down" and "stand up". We recommend that training starts at home, and as it progresses well, you can add distractions to the training and gradually increase the difficulty, such as putting on some radio and music, changing rooms, and moving around with a family member. After the indoor training is quite effective, the outdoor training can be started in the yard, and finally in the complex environment of the park, or even the downtown. Another tip is to give your dog at least ten to twenty minutes to familiarize himself with the environment when he is in a new environment. You stand there doing nothing, let him sniff around and look around, and start training when the dog seems more comfortable.

When the dog licks his lips, shakes his body (the action of throwing water after a bath), and yawns, he is self-regulating and relaxing. At this time, you should praise and encourage him.


2. Dogs only obey when they know there is food

You need to make the dog unable to predict your behavior, sometimes giving food and sometimes not giving it, so that the dog can gradually reduce his dependence on food, and an automatic reward circuit is formed in his brain. Second, don't show the food directly to the dog during training, and avoid letting him form the habit of being obedient only when you have food. The food can be carried behind your back, or in your pocket, with one hand giving training signals and the other hand feeding.


3. Dogs are easily disturbed by the external environment and cannot concentrate

Each dog has a different concentration time, the concentration time of my dog is only 20 seconds.. After this time, his learning efficiency is not high, I must use these 20 seconds efficiently. Of course, my dog's situation is quite extreme. Most dogs can concentrate for 10 minutes. When he can no longer concentrate, you can let the dog let it out and refresh it.

Different breeds of dogs have different needs for exercise. For some dogs that need a lot of exercise, such as border shepherds and huskies, it is recommended to exercise well before training. If most of his physical strength is consumed, he will be easy to accept commands.

Suggestions for training your dog's immunity: Use the commands Leave It and Watch Me, give the dog food, but let him not touch it, say Leave It, and use the command Watch Me to make him look at you. Food is very attractive to dogs. It is very challenging for dogs not to look at and eat the food in front of them. If the dog can complete this series of actions, he has already overcome it to a great extent. The food is disturbed. When the dog is proficient in Leave It and Watch Me, you can increase the difficulty of training, put his favorite toy next to him, or let his favorite toy make a noise. At this time, the dog not only has to resist the temptation of food, Resist the temptation of toys. During this period, there will be repeated training failures, but don't worry, as long as the dog's attention stays with you for a second after the toy is thrown, you must give your dog a reward. Keep practicing like this, the dog's anti-interference ability will be improved. If the dog can finally complete this series of actions in the park, downtown and other places, it will be really very good. With such constant practice, the dog's anti-interference ability will be improved. If the dog can finally do this series of actions in the park, downtown, etc., it will be really, really great.


4. I don’t want to give food every training, which will affect the dog’s health and diet

High Quality Training Clicker for Dogs

Use clicker. Clickers make a very special sound, and animals are very sensitive to this sound. When you press the clicker, give the dog a food. After repeating this action, a circuit will be established in the dog's mind - the clicker's sound is a reward, and you can train it without giving it food in the future. Training with this tool is excellent and many trainers use this tool to train different animals.

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