Dear, why are you staring at me when I go to the toilet?!

Dear, why are you staring at me when I go to the toilet?!

Cat owners always have endless happy moments, but when it comes to giving a cat a bath, I don't know if you are like me, they are very resistant. But strangely, they don't seem to lose their interest in the bathroom.

According to incomplete statistics, 8.5 of every ten ailurophile were once attacked while they are in toilet. You may be surprised by the cat who suddenly appears by the toilet.

Cats in the toilet

Cat is looking for you

Well, but why?


Territory awareness: "my territory, what's the matter?"

Territory awareness must be a point that everyone knows better. As the most indifference animal in nature, cats are very territorial in the wild. In order to avoid the harm caused by fighting as much as possible, they draw a "home" boundary for themselves, where they rest, hunt and mate. The "territory" is larger than the "home". Cats usually take "home" as the core, determine the scope of "territory" according to the needs of predation, and mark it by rubbing urine and scratching.

When cats enter our family, they naturally occupy the whole family as their own territory. As an ordinary part of this territory, the toilet has naturally become a "territory" in their eyes. If you hum a tune inside, adult cat may worry that you will attract bigger predators/Aliens/Tyrannosaurus Rex outside the door... After all, they are the head of the family and have to worry about it.


Dependence: "No matter how indifference it is, it will be fragile"

Finally, they find the right answer they are looking forward to. as legend.Maybe even the opposite, TA is very dependent on you:

In the wild, cats are predators. However, due to their small size, they can also realize their vulnerability. After entering the human family, cats regard human beings as their guardians. However, every time you rush to the toilet and stay for one song, two songs or even a TV series, it may make them feel unsafe. What if the big Hunter comes? What if the bad guys come? Tyrannosaurus Rex is coming

Anyway, you're happy now.


Other factor

Habit factors: Cats observe carefully and can quickly grasp the rules and respond to human behavior.Some people get up early to wash up and feed the cats when they come out of the bathroom.Over time, the cat will connect the two behaviors, and when you see you in the bathroom, you feel like you will have extra meals.No wonder they scratch the door when you go to the toilet / shower!

Sense of control: since you are a natural control freak, wouldn't it be nice to find a perspective that can look at you well? When you sit in the bathtub / toilet, you often don't move with words, and this feeling of "the enemy can't move, I can move" makes the cat very satisfied.

Cat is looking at you

"Have you touched the orange cat in the community yesterday?” 

Health or emotional factors: Some cats' "interest" in the bathroom may come from physical discomfort, or emotional tension. For example, sick cats with hyperthyroidism may feel fever, so they always want to go to a relatively cool place like the bathroom, while some cats may use the bathroom as a temporary shelter due to changes in the home environment. Of course, if it is due to physical health or emotional problems, cats will generally have other reactions, so if the other domestic cat performance is normal, there is no need to worry.

Although each bath is a disaster for the cat owners and owners, there is no denying that cats have a great obsession with the bathroom.

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